Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fall 2014 Customer Rigs

Here are a few of the more interesting customer rigs we've worked on recently:

Clean 2009 Dodge Ram 2500 featuring a Carli Suspension Pintop 2.5 suspension system, 17" AE wheels, and 35" Falkens.

Our shop 2010 2500 featuring a Carli Suspension Unchained 3.5 suspension system, Mercenary Off Road bumpers front and rear, Walker Evans Racing wheels, and 37" Toyos along with Ian's 2011 featuring a Carli Suspension Unchained 3.5 system, Trail Ready beadlock wheels, and 37" Yokohama tires.

2007 Mega Cab 5.9 Tow Rig featuring a Carli Suspension 2.65 ACV systemCarli Dodge Ram Long Travel Air Bags, and more towing this trailer loaded down with sand rail, quads, and fuel.

2005 Ram 2500 featuring a Carli Suspension Commuter 2.0 suspension systemCarli Suspension Full Progressive Leaf Springs, and Toyo's new Open Country R/T tires. This truck will be sporting many more upgrades in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

2011 Ford F250 featuring a Carli Suspension Ford Super Duty Pintop 2.5 system. The ride quality difference was night and day with this kit installed!

Our shop 2011 Ford F250 featuring a Carli Suspension 2.5" Commuter 2.0 suspension system, 20" Trail Ready Beadlock wheels, and new 37" Toyo Open Country R/T tires!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

EMF Rod Ends Heavy Duty Dodge Steering System

Here are some sneak preview shots of EMF's upcoming heavy duty steering setup! This steering system has been tested and retested to ensure that everything is just right. EMF's rod ends are as good as it gets and are both serviceable and replaceable. These should be arriving very soon!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Carli Fabricated Axle Truss Pictures

Here are some quick shots of a Carli Suspension Fabricated Axle Truss that Joe of Carli Suspension welded on for us. These incredible welds are the very same welds that go into each and every Carli Suspension production piece. Check it out:

For more information regarding Carli Suspension's Fabricated Axle Truss, Click Here!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Safari Dominator Build - 2007 Mega Cab

A client in Africa wanted to build an all around rig capable of exploring remote regions of Africa near the Congo River while towing a trailer loaded with supplies. His goals were a nice riding, capable rig that would be easily serviceable, if necessary while retaining payload capacity.

We were tasked with locating a vehicle up for the job. The customer wanted a low mileage 5.9L Mega Cab, which is quickly becoming the "holy grail" among diesel trucks. We located a 2007 2500 Mega Cab outside of Orlando, FL with 28K miles on it and flew to Florida to inspect it. A few weeks later, the truck was delivered to our shop. Here is the list of components that are going on this truck:

-Carli Suspension Dominator 3" 3.0 Suspension System
-Carli Suspension Control Arms
-Carli Suspension Torsion Sway Bar
-Carli Suspension Extreme Duty Ball Joints
-Carli Suspension Long Travel Air Bags
-Carli Suspension Fabricated Axle Truss
-Carli Suspension Front Diff Guard
-Carli Suspension Stainless Low Mount Steering Stabilizer
-Method Race Wheels 101 Non Beadlock 17" Wheels
-Toyo Open Country RT 35x12.5x17 Tires
-Dynatrac Free Spin Heavy Duty Front Hub Conversion
-Mopar "Big Box" Heavy Duty Steering Box Upgrade
-Mopar Dodge 2008.5 HD Steering Upgrade (with plenty of spares!)
-Mopar 16mm Track Bar Bolt Upgrade
-Creative Fabworks Heavy Duty Dodge Ram Steering Brace
-ARB Deluxe Front Winch Bumper
-Mercenary Off Road Heavy Duty Stock Replacement Rear Bumper
-Warn Industries M12000 Winch
-Amsteel Blue Synthetic Winch Line
-Baja Designs OnX 6 30" LED Light Bar
-Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Lights
-Inglewood Transmission Complete Billet Transmission Upgrade
-Derale Transmission Cooler
-Fass Titanium 150GPH Fuel Air Separation System
-Mads Electronics Smarty S-03 Programmer
-Edge Insight CTS
-S&B Cold Air Intake
-Complete B&W 5th Wheel Hitch Setup
-Full Leather Interior & Aftermarket Stereo
-Lots of spares for all wear items as well as extra wheels, tires, etc.

Mandatory "before" picture:

Carli control arms going on:

Dominator 3.0 shocks set into place along with Carli's fabricated shock towers:

Carli's full progressive Deaver rear leaf springs installed:

Method 101 non beadlocks with Toyo RT 35's mounted up:

Checking the droop of the Carli Full Progressive Deaver Leaf Springs:

Dynatrac Free Spin Hub Conversion in place:

Reservoirs mounted:

Quick teaser shot from the side:

Carli's upgraded rear shock mounts in place:

Many more updates to come as this project is in full swing!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Off Road Expo 2014

This past weekend marked our second year participating as an exhibitor in the Off Road Expo in Pomona, California. We had six vehicles on display, all of which showcase some of our favorite products.  We want to give a special thanks to Carli SuspensionMercenary Off RoadBaja Designs, BTF Fabrication, and Creative Fabworks for everyone's help and support in getting ready for the show. Here are some pictures:

We were also fortunate enough to unveil a new addition to Carli Suspension's Dodge Ram 2500/3500 product line. Carli will soon be releasing their new High Clearance Control Arms, joining their current line of control arms. These arms are clearanced both top and bottom and will be a great option for those running large tires on stock wheels or wheels with high backspacing:

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Build - 3" Lift Carli Performance 2.5 Radius Arm Suspension System

We picked up this 2005 Ram 2500 to use as a camping/expedition style vehicle. This truck will be outfitted with a prototype of Carli Suspension's updated Performance 2.5 3" Radius Arm System. Our plans for modifying this truck are the following:

-Carli Performance 2.5 3" Radius Arm System with the following upgrades:
-Carli Full Progressive Rear Deaver Leaf Springs
-Carli Torsion Sway Bar
-Carli Fabricated Axle Truss
-Carli Extreme Duty Ball Joints
-Walker Evans Racing 17" Wheels
-Mercenary Off Road Front & Rear Bumpers
-Camper Shell with Camping Gear

And here is the truck having the updated Performance 2.5 system prototyped at Carli:

Carli Leveling Kit coming off:

Preparing to make the cut:

Factory control arm brackets gone:

New arms on, cycling:

Where it stands currently:

Here are the pictures of the completed truck:

Here's a sneak peak at some updates coming soon to this build: