Monday, March 16, 2015

Preorder Carli's new 2014+ 2500 Suspension Systems!

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting preorders on Carli's 2014+ 2500 suspension systems! Here is what Carli has to say:

The day has arrived and it’s our pleasure to inform you that the 3” front, 1” rear lift 2014 - 2500 Commuter, Back-Country and Pintop Systems are now available for pre-order! We’re expecting the Pintop and Commuter 2.0 systems as well as ALL individual components to begin shipping mid-April. The Back-Country Systems will begin shipping mid-May.

We've never released systems about which we’re this excited. After nearly 2 years of painstaking R&D to ensure we bring to market the best riding, most geometrically correct and complete suspension systems available, we're VERY confident that our suspensions will exceed your expectations. Despite losing those who required a first to market, immediate solution, we persisted and stuck to our guns. Not surprisingly, we can now guarantee the products we’re releasing are geometrically sound, travel is as linear as possible, coils have the proper forces being applied and rear “wag” is minimized all with unparalleled ride quality. The systems are priced a bit higher than their 2013 and below counter-parts; however, the 2014+ systems are far more inclusive than earlier years. No more “Do I need control Arms, track bar, full springs, etc…?” All necessities are included in the base systems to ensure optimal performance. This, of course, doesn't mean you can’t add accessories (Steering Stabilizers, Torsion Sway Bar, Differential Guard, etc.) to make the kit your own; we've, however, taken care of everything else for you!

As for those waiting on the 2013+ 3500 systems, we’re going to get one in the shop ASAP. We have shocks and both Full Leaf Spring Replacement and Add-A-Pack options to fit the 2013+ 1 tons. Once valving is completed, we’ll make these systems available.

For those in the market for just a front leveling kit, we've elected not to manufacture one at this time. As stated above, this new platform requires far more than just a set of coils and shocks to function correctly. With all the parts needed to improve front ride quality and geometry, a leveling system would be expensive enough that neglecting to do anything to the rear would be ridiculous given the amount of improvement the additional components would add at a negligible price point. We're a performance suspension manufacturer; this decision was made to achieve the level of performance you've come to expect from our brand.

The “Systems” pricing in the following PDF includes all “Base System Components” + one of the shock packages. Again, you can see the amount of parts it takes to make a proper suspension in the new platform. We've yet to release a product with this amount of confidence and can honestly say these are the best riding systems released to date.

For more information about these new systems, click here.

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